Admirers of Laural's winning work at the 2014 King Valley Art ShowKind Words about LaLa Art

Laural’s paintings are winning awards and finding homes all around Australia!

2014 was a very busy & successful year with several awards won at exhibitions including the Myrtleford Art Show, King Valley Art Show, Milawa Feast of Art,  Trinity College Art Show and Laural was also guest artist at the Blinman Art Exhibition in the Flinders Ranges.

image right: admirers viewing Laural’s winning work Sunday Drive In The Warbys at the 2014 King Valley Art Show, image courtesy Joe Calvert

Here are some kind words about Laural’s work from happy purchasers and Art Show Judges:

There is definitely a Fred Williams influence -however the artist has developed her own style absolutely. This is a wonderfully quirky image that resonates with all of us. Who could forget the Sunday afternoon drives into the bush? I loved the image of all the little cars setting off on their own little adventures. It was difficult to believe that this was an acrylic painting as the artist has managed to get a brilliant layering of paint and richness normally seen only with oils. She has a significant sense of colour, space and texture.

– Julie Chambers, King Valley Art Show Judge 2014, on Laural’s winning painting “Sunday Drive in the Warbys”.


Art to me must evoke some response from the viewer. Whether that response comes from viewing a landscape of a special place near to your heart which holds sentimental value, or in other cases the response and feeling you get when you look at an artist’s creation of life, death or a situation which is expressed through the artist’s unique interpretation. To me, Laural is able to create a response from me which equates to special sense joy when I look her depiction of flowers, Poppies.

The first time I came across her works in a (Blue Door) cafe in Berrigan NSW, I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and calmness, and even though I was miles away from my home and family, the feeling she evoked with her art was that they were with me. Her artistic representation of poppies and the depth and colours manipulated through her artistic process make her work stand out, and she elicits that response every time I look at her work.  Thanks again Laural.

– Rob, Sydney


A contemporary artist, Laural Lawless paintings refer to nature, landscapes and flowers. Laural captures the essence of their beauty and spirit.  Her paintings are deep textured layers and her colours luminous & vibrant.

– Belinda, Berrigan, NSW


I am very pleased that you were awarded this trophy, todays mood in the art world is contemporary art as for this painting it fits in well with todays demand.

The galloping horses painting had good colour balance, by this I mean a cool picture with just enough complementary warm colour that brings it to life.  I like the way in which the eye can move slowly through the picture in stages thus not noticing the horses outstanding therefore adding a little mystery to the painting. Well done Laural.

– David Draper, Myrtleford Art Prize Judge 2014 on Laural’s winning painting “Galloping Brumbies”.


My wife and I purchased one of Laural’s paintings last year, I described it, very naively, as “Williams” like, and purchased it. We look at it ten times a day and it still informs me.

As a testament of our appreciation of Laural’s work, we have subsequently recently purchased another one of her paintings, gaining much pleasure from the many colours and story it tells.

– Peter, Wagga Wagga, NSW


I have acquired two of Laural’s paintings and absolutely love them. I would describe Laural as a contemporary artist whose bold acrylic paintings are in my mind reminiscent of the Impressionist and Post Impressionist era.
The juxtaposition of bright colours and texture reveals her innate talent for understanding colour and form.
Laural has worked hard to get her name out into the local art scene, and has many of works in private and commercial collections in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Watch this space and above all remember her name.

– Terri, Tungamah, VIC